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Chrome Canary

128.0.6589.0 latest version

Download apk - 256.38M
Date:Jul 12, 2024
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  • Chrome Canary

Chrome Canary Unstable will open some new testing functions for players. You can try these new functions for the first time. These new functions may not be so practical for users, but they will be useful for some professionals, and then Feedback on error messages helps the browser continue to improve, and developers can also create various plug-ins for use.

Software Features

1. Experimental functions

This version has not been tested and may be unstable or not work at times. Recommended for developers and advanced users only.

2. Frequent updates

Updates may be released as often as seven times a week, consuming 100MB of bandwidth. Please be aware of data consumption when updating over mobile data networks.

3. Provide early experience feedback

This is the best way to help improve Chrome for Android. To provide feedback, click "Help & Feedback" in the menu.

Software introduction

Daily builds for developers

Be at the forefront of network technology.

NOTE: The Canary version may not be stable yet.

Develop a website that meets the requirements of the next version of the web

Test advanced web platform APIs

Updated every night

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