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OKX Exchange

6.75.1 Phone Version

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Date:Jul 10, 2024
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OKX Exchange is a formal digital currency trading platform. It adopts a decentralized data storage model, which can protect users’ data security, effectively lower the transaction threshold, and help users complete transactions better. The platform creates a safe environment for users. , a transparent digital asset trading environment, which prepares a variety of popular digital assets for users to easily realize virtual currency financial investment.Software features

Web3 Wallet launches smart contract accounts! Instantly experience one-click currency exchange, earn currency and use USDT to pay network fees conveniently, and enjoy Web3 easily.

The bargain-hunting and top-escape trading strategies now support early buying/selling. You can trade according to the real-time quotation before the expiration date and unlock the investment funds in advance.

Credit cards and other payment methods are supported, and more than 30 local currencies can be converted into digital assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT and so on within a few minutes.

4. We have optimized some functions to give you a better experience.

Software Highlights

Integrating the usage needs of beginners and professional users, it provides complete process guidance for novices, so they can get started quickly with zero burden.

In the academy, you can learn how to buy digital currencies, how to trade cryptocurrency, learn professional trading strategies, and understand rich digital currency knowledge and cutting-edge industry research reports, allowing novices to become cryptocurrency experts in seconds.

View Bitcoin spot, futures, and option prices in real time, and manage digital assets on the go.

Real-time data push, set price alerts with one click, and get price changes of the cryptocurrencies you care about;

Check the market at any time, we provide a variety of professional K-line charts, powerful market chart display; comprehensive mobile experience, the latest and fastest information, to help you grasp the latest market conditions anytime, anywhere on the mobile terminal.

Ouyi provides a wealth of trading options, including currency trading, contract trading, leverage trading and options trading, etc., allowing you to choose flexibly when trading digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum!

On the Ouyi platform, you can also use trading tools such as strategic trading and copy trading to further optimize your trading strategy.

How do you use OKEX exchange?

1. Download & Register

Android phone download:

Open the OKX official website, click the download icon, scan the QR code that appears with your mobile phone (it is recommended to use a browser to scan the code, scanning the code on WeChat may cause the web page to stop accessing), click [Download Oyi Mobile Terminal], and then follow the prompts Complete download and installation.

Note: If you do not use a browser to scan the code, you may need to click the icon in the upper right corner, select [Open in browser], then click [Download Ouyi App] to complete the download and installation as required.

2. Personal information settings

Before buying/selling currency transactions, you need to complete identity authentication and bind payment methods.


Note: Physical authentication and video authentication need to be authenticated on the App side.

1) Open the Ouyi App, click on the user center icon in the upper left corner of the homepage - click on the nickname/account at the top - [Identity Authentication], click [Verify Now] to enter the identity authentication page. You need to upload ID photos, such as the front and back of your ID card, and use face recognition to complete the ID upload and real-person authentication according to the page prompts.

2) Video authentication needs to be carried out in [C2C Coin Buying], open the homepage of OKX App, click [Buy Coin]-[C2C Coin Buying]-[My]-[Video Authentication]-[Start Recording]. During video authentication, please make sure to turn on the sound, turn on the camera, and do not connect headphones. The system will read the risk warning aloud and you do not need to follow it. After confirming that the information is correct, please answer [Yes] after the "beep" sound, then submit the information and wait for review.

Bind payment method:

Open the OKX App, click [Buy Coins] - [C2C Buy Coins] - [My] icon in the lower right corner - [Payment Account Management].

Click the "+" in the upper right corner - [Select Currency], [Payment Method] - You can choose three payment methods: bank card/Alipay/WeChat. Fill in the relevant information and prompts as required to complete the binding.

Note: If you need to change the bound mobile phone number or email address, you can click [Security Settings] - [Security Center] - [Mobile Number]/[Email] in the user center and follow the prompts to complete the modification.

Update Announcement


Announcement on the security upgrade of Web3 wallet password

Dear OUYI users,

The OUYI Web3 wallet plug-in has recently launched further security reinforcement, which can effectively prevent local encrypted information from being stolen and cracked. The security level has been further improved.

Under the current higher level of protection, if you are a user of fingerprint browser, cloud host, or upgraded hardware, you will encounter a password error when unlocking your wallet. You can follow the steps below to solve the problem:

Step 1: Re-import the wallet and set a password

Step 2: Go to the settings page - Advanced settings, turn on cross-device synchronization

OKX to support Fusionist’s mainnet upgrade

We are excited to announce we will be supporting the Fusionist network’s mainnet upgrade.

The network upgrade will take place at around 2:00 am UTC on March 4, 2024.

Deposits and withdrawals of ACE tokens and tokens belonging to its network will be suspended at 1:00 am UTC on March 4, 2024.

We will resume deposits and withdrawals for impacted tokens on the ACE network once the upgraded ACE network is stable. We won’t be making a separate announcement once this is complete.

For the safety of your funds, do not make any further withdrawals or deposits of ACE tokens and tokens belonging to its network during the upgrade period.

Please note:

The trading of ACE tokens and tokens belonging to the ACE networks won’t be affected during this network upgrade. Please be aware of the risks associated with the spot, margin, and derivatives trading of these tokens, and consider adding margin to reduce your position risk.

You don’t need to do anything if you hold any ACE tokens and tokens belonging to the ACE network in your account. We will handle all technical requirements involved.

KSM launching on On-chain Earn

OKX will offer KSM subscriptions on On-chain Earn, starting from 11:00 am UTC on April 03, 2024. This will allow users to experience on-chain rewards without any hassle.

On-chain Earn highlights:

No subscription limits

Simplified operational steps, resulting in a more fluid user experience

Real on-chain annualized earnings

To stake ZIL on On-chain Earn, follow the instructions below:

On browser: Navigation bar > Grow > Earn > On-chain Earn, search KSM and select subscribe

On the OKX app: Grow > Earn > On-chain Earn, search KSM and select subscribe


Regarding On-chain Earn products, as the Proof of Stake mechanisms for different projects may vary. It's important to carefully read and understand the mechanism rules for each project before subscribing. These rules include, but aren't limited to the minimum redemption amount, interest accrual start time, reward distribution time, principal redemption period, and expected annualized earnings.

OKX will extract a certain percentage of fees from users. For detailed fee information, please refer to the product introduction page.

Except for project launch and reward distribution, OKX assumes no responsibility for disputes over any agreement, hacking incidents, project fraud, and other risks that may result in asset loss for the subscribers.

Thank you for your continued support. We'll be launching more On-chain Earn products in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information.

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