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Google Play services

24.26.31 New Version

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Date:Jul 04, 2024
Version:24.26.31 (190400-648418779)
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Google Play services is a must-install framework service for running Google applications. After users install it on their mobile phones, it not only supports online play of various games in the Google Store, but also allows you to run overseas software. The overall practicality is also extremely strong. Friends in need can quickly Come download and use it!

Software Features

1. Intimate and intelligent, it automatically determines the installed programs according to the model to avoid repeated installations. The native Google electronic market can be upgraded to a game market with one click!

2. Install Google Account Management

3. No ads, no built-in, quality and quantity guaranteed, made with conscience, just for Android fans who love games!

Software Highlights

1. If a mobile device manufacturer wants to build a certain Google application into the device, such as Google Maps, then it needs to obtain GMS certification from Google for its device.

2. If you uninstall Google Play service, the application may not run. Google applications such as Google Maps cannot be run on Android devices that have not been certified by Google. Even if the user is able to install the Google application on the mobile phone, it will "crash" when running or the mobile phone will prompt "stopped running" and cannot continue to use it.

3. Google play service can also improve your application experience. It speeds up offline searches, provides more immersive maps, and improves the gaming experience.

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