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Yandex Metro


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Date:Jun 11, 2024
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Yandex Metro is a subway software developed by the Russian company Yandex. It is mainly used to help users use the subway system in cities in Russia and other countries to plan routes, understand subway exit-related information, and other functions.

Software Features

Information about metro exits

See detailed information for each station: how many exits there are and which streets they lead to, their operating hours and any closure warnings. Order a taxi from within the app to pick you up from the metro exit of your choice.

Pay your fare in the app

Use the app to top up Moscow's Troika and Strelka public transport cards.


The app supports TalkBack, so it can also be used by visually impaired people.

Software Highlights

Metro route planning: Yandex Metro can help users plan the best metro route, including transfer stations and travel time.

Real-time train information: The software provides real-time train information, including train arrival time, delays, etc., to help users better plan their trips.

Station information: The software provides detailed station information, including station name, transfer lines, nearby attractions, etc., to facilitate users to navigate and explore near subway stations.

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