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Blade Soul 2(Korea) - Blade Soul 2 Kr Server Apk Download Latest Version

Blade Soul 2(Korea)

0.181.1 for Android

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Date:Jul 01, 2024
  • Blade Soul 2(Korea)
  • Blade Soul 2(Korea)
  • Blade Soul 2(Korea)
  • Blade Soul 2(Korea)

Blade Soul 2 Kr Server is an MMORPG mobile game. The game is an action-adventure game with an interactive battle mode. It supports the free combination of multiple souls and can connect and resonate with different souls to show unique soul power. It is extremely playable, the game requires accelerator support.

Game features

1. An interactive combat action game, at the pinnacle of massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

2. Players can try various skill combinations in different situations to obtain a richer combat experience.

3. Monsters will change modes according to the player's behavior, thus enriching the battle scene with unexpected excitement.

4. Bold and satisfying action scenes and combat feedback include the rebirth of the unique martial arts action of the original, "Blade and Soul".

Game Highlights

Adventure through the world of Blade and Souls 2 and meet various souls.

Souls have their own unique effects, and depending on the combination, they can exert special powers.

Behold the pinnacle of visual action and make your eyes happy and action-packed.

Martial arts routines, my own fighting patterns woven together.

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