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Arena of Valor(Korea) - Arena of Valor Korea Server apk latest version download

Arena of Valor(Korea) for Android

Download apk - 135.01M
Date:Jul 10, 2024
  • Arena of Valor(Korea)
  • Arena of Valor(Korea)
  • Arena of Valor(Korea)
  • Arena of Valor(Korea)

Arena of Valor Korea Server is a fun mobile MOBA game that allows up to 10 players to compete fairly against each other on the battlefield with high resolution. The gameplay is very diverse and similar to the gameplay of Honor of Kings that you have played before. If you like it, you can download it. Experience!

Game Features

Traditional MOBA'3-lanes'play style.

Fair gaming environment.

80 beautifully drawn champions for player to choose from.

Different game mode,namely 1 vs 1,3 vs 3 and 5 vs 5.

Great game to kill spare time as each game costs about 10 to 15 minutes only.

Game Highlights

1. A big fight in the abyss! Team battle with random heroes all the way!

5V5 brawl, instant passionate team battle! Randomly blindly select heroes, kill the whole team in the middle, and conflicts are about to break out! One path, full armor, bloody fight to the end!

2. Start a group at any time! 10 minutes of fun!

The most suitable MOBA game for mobile phones, enjoy the ultimate competitive experience in 10 minutes. Fight in roundabout ways, cooperate with your hands and brain, and fight to the end! There are many people, come quickly!

3. Fair competition! It’s fun, no competition for strength!

Carry the whole team with your strength, and decide the outcome with your skills. No hero development, no physical strength required, just the original fun of the game!

4. Fingertips are amazing! Exquisite catwalk show operation!

Micromanagement changes the situation of the battle! Hand speed? Stream of consciousness? Watch my exquisite moves, dominate the crowd, and perform diamond operations! Harvest, kill super gods!

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