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Age Sim(Mod Menu)

2.8.12 latest version

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Date:Jun 12, 2024
  • Age Sim(Mod Menu)
  • Age Sim(Mod Menu)
  • Age Sim(Mod Menu)
  • Age Sim(Mod Menu)
  • Age Sim(Mod Menu)

Age Sim Menu Unlocked Edition is a life sims-type game in which players can unlock complete menu functionality. In the game, players will play a character and experience the entire life journey from birth to old age. By making various life choices and decisions, players will shape their educational background, career path, and family and social relationships. As time progresses, the characters will face various life challenges and turning points, and experience the joy and pain of growth.

Game information

Unlimited Purchase Gold

ProLife Purchased.

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Game features

1. Comprehensive career planning: Provides in-depth education, career and family planning options, allowing players to decide the character's life direction.

2. Real-time life evolution: The character's life situation and interpersonal relationships will change dynamically over time.

3. Personalized growth path: The game allows players to shape a unique life experience according to their own preferences and choices.

Game Highlights

1. Real life simulation: By simulating various situations in real life, it provides players with an in-depth and realistic life experience.

2. Customized character development: Players can freely customize the character's appearance, personality and life decisions to create unique stories.

3. Random event system: The game contains a wealth of random events to ensure that each player's life journey is unpredictable.

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