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Rope Frog Ninja Hero - Rope Frog Ninja Hero New Version Apk Download

Rope Frog Ninja Hero

2.6.8 latest version

Download apk - 663.91M
Date:Jun 11, 2024
  • Rope Frog Ninja Hero
  • Rope Frog Ninja Hero
  • Rope Frog Ninja Hero
  • Rope Frog Ninja Hero

Rope Frog Ninja Hero is a platform jumping game that combines action and skill. Players will play as a rope dart ninja frog, throwing ropes to capture enemies and overcome obstacles. The game has a wealth of levels and challenges that test players' reaction speed and strategic layout.

Game Features

1. The unique rope dart mechanism adds new tactical elements to the traditional platform game.

2. Diverse game environments, from forests to cities, each scene has its own unique design and challenges.

3. Various unlockable props and equipment provide the possibility of customizing characters and increase the playability of the game.

Game Highlights

1. Fast-paced gameplay that combines thrilling combat with precise jump control.

2. Well-designed levels and enemies, each level brings new challenges and surprises.

3. The simple and intuitive control system allows players to quickly get started and enjoy the game.

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