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Magic Tiles 3 - Magic Tiles 3 for Android APK free download

Magic Tiles 3

11.054.101 latest version

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Date:Jun 13, 2024
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Magic Tiles 3 is a very fun music rhythm game. It has very exquisite game graphics, bright colors, fresh graphics, smooth operating experience, and rich level design, which can make you addicted to it. At the same time, the game is In terms of operation, the gameplay is very simple. It continues the previous click + long press method. At the same time, there are other instruments that can be used to increase the playability of the game, which can be said to be a great test of the player's reaction ability.

Game features

1.This addictive piano game offers music lovers a unique and satisfying experience.

2.You'll never run out of new challenges to explore in Magic Tiles 3! This musical piano game features multiple levels, each with its own catchy hit songs and unique game mechanics.

3.Magic Tiles 3 is a music game that not only offers a rich selection of songs and engaging gameplay, but also offers a well-designed online mode.

Game Play

1.First, after downloading and installing it from this site, when entering the game we will see four modes to choose from.

2.Select your favorite mode and music and click Start to start the game.

3.Enter the song, click Start on the black square, and the game will officially start. You need to click or long press the squares that appear on the screen one by one, and click on the displayed lines to get higher scores.

4.The background music is the level music you choose. You can adjust and control the speed of your fingers according to the rhythm and speed of the music, so playing with headphones is the soul of this game!

5.If a song is played and you are lucky enough to have made no mistakes, it will then enter the accelerated version.

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