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Undawn(Japan) - Level Infinite Undawn Japan Server Apk Download



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Date:Jul 10, 2024
  • Undawn(Japan)
  • Undawn(Japan)
  • Undawn(Japan)
  • Undawn(Japan)
  • Undawn(Japan)

Undawn Japan Server is a gunfight action shooting game built for Japanese players. The game has a huge map world view and a realistic wilderness survival environment. Players can shoot freely, which is very good!

Game Features

1. Enjoyable shooting battles; real physical effects

2. Simulated wilderness survival; free site selection and construction;

3. Cooperation to seek vitality; super large open world.

4. Rich real feel of firearms, and tactical props to cleverly defeat the enemy.


How to make money in undawn

1. Selling weapons

In the game, selling weapons can make money, but low-level weapons are not particularly valuable. Only some better weapons can get good returns.

2. Selling materials

The most basic way to make money in the game is to sell materials, because the materials in the game can be brushed by yourself, so everyone can brush more materials to earn gold coins.

Quick upgrade

1. Complete various tasks: activity tasks, daily tasks, and copy challenge tasks must be completed first. Not only can we give us a lot of experience points for upgrading, but there are also many useful weapons, equipment, materials, etc. for us to obtain for free.

2. Weapon acquisition: Weapons can greatly improve our combat effectiveness. The acquisition methods are drop pickup, material production and mall purchase. Among them, drop pickup is more dependent on luck. Most firearms rely on obtaining a large amount of materials to make. In the early stage, weapons can be transitioned with purple equipment, and in the later stage, they must be replaced with orange equipment. The difference in power and damage between the two is not only obvious.

3. Settlement reputation: The improvement of settlement reputation can help us unlock more hidden goods. When we need some drawings, materials and equipment, we will use it more.

4. Equipment acquisition: Equipment can greatly improve our survivability and combat effectiveness. The acquisition method is the same as that of weapons, but it does not rely too much on orange equipment. Civilian players can also use purple equipment. If the operation is good, there is no substantial difference.

5. Improve NPC intimacy: The improvement of NPC intimacy will give us various rare gifts, including weapons, accessories and equipment. Using them can also improve combat effectiveness!

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