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Call of Duty: Mobile VN - Call of Duty Mobile VN Server Apk Download

Call of Duty: Mobile VN

1.8.45 latest version

Download apk - 1.88G
Date:Jul 10, 2024
  • Call of Duty: Mobile VN
  • Call of Duty: Mobile VN
  • Call of Duty: Mobile VN
  • Call of Duty: Mobile VN

Call of Duty: Mobile VN is a gunfight shooting game designed for players in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries. It inherits the gameplay of the classic game series and newly adds the battle royale game mode. There are a variety of weapons, equipment and props!

Game Features

1. A series of maps full of creativity, each map is a new experience. Only by being fully familiar with it can you complete the maximum challenge and get the final battle of survival;

2. Many different weapons need you to collect and use. You can choose your favorite confrontation mode at any time to perform a gunfight blockbuster and complete a series of coordinated wars with your friends;

3. Passionate and gorgeous various gunfight duels, and a large number of weapons and props can be used at will. Players can unlock the corresponding weapons to make their combat power soar.

Game Highlights

When you play "Call of Duty: Mobile VN", you will unlock and obtain famous characters, weapons, costumes, bonus points and equipment that can be used to customize equipment to conquer every battle of yours.

The game has team deathmatch, frontline, everyone's freedom, search and destroy, domination, hard point and even 100 warriors survival mode.

Following in the footsteps of popular games, this product will bring a refreshing and familiar experience to shooting game players. The perfect combination of FPS and battle royale, CODM deserves to be one of the best online games of the year.

Change Log

New feature

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6: Synthwave Showdown


· [New map] Collateral Strike

Jester's Club – Officially open!

Battle Royale

· [New BR Role] Revive

· [New] BR Pro-Loadout


· [New weapon] BP50

General Update

· Prestigious Store

· New Emoji feature

· Combat advisor

· Optimized features and some balance adjustments on weapons.

· Fixes

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