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COD Warzone - Cod Warzone Mobile Apk New Update Download 2024

COD Warzone for Android

Download apk - 1.80G
Date:Jul 10, 2024
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COD Warzone is a good action gun game, specially created for players who love chicken games. It supports up to 150 people to play online at the same time. Come and experience this new battle royale game with realistic graphics!

Game features

Both the movement and gun shooting of the game are very smooth, which is better than other shooting mobile games.

The fan-favorite battle royale map is back and with dozens of key drop-in locations, your survival strategies are endless.

Get a bird's eye view of chaos from above the stadium, fight in the cold battlefield of the dam, plan your escape in the airport, and win a duel in the Gulag for a chance to be resurrected.

Game Highlights

Cross-platform connection

Chicken game for 150 people

Plenty of vehicles for players to ride on

Plunder mode provides more playability

Reviving teammates provides more possibilities

Full of user-friendly commander functions.

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