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Project Sekai(Japan) - Project Sekai Japan Server apk download latest version

Project Sekai(Japan)

3.7.0 for Android

Download apk - 149.83M
Date:Jul 04, 2024
  • Project Sekai(Japan)
  • Project Sekai(Japan)
  • Project Sekai(Japan)
  • Project Sekai(Japan)

Project Sekai is a music rhythm game that is popular around the world. The game uses a cutting-edge 3D engine to build a two-dimensional music world for you. The game provides you with a large number of characters. You can play with Hatsune Miku and her friends. Game to conquer the world through the power of music.

Game features

Watch virtual LIVE with other players! You can also join a private room with friends!

Valentine's Day/Halloween/New Year's Eve LIVE, carnival parties on important days; Hatsune Miku and everyone's blessings, I have received them well!

You won’t be bored while waiting, use expressions and movements to interact, and meet enthusiastic friends with the same interests.

Tap the screen to wave the support stick, slide or tilt the screen to move the perspective freely, support in your favorite way!

The long intersecting notes restore the classic game console chart design!

Game Highlights

1. Fight together with more friends. It has a powerful assist function to easily help you pass the dungeon;

2. You can receive a reward every day you go online. Although it is not much, the accumulation is quite impressive;

3. Equip your cute hero with a variety of light-effect weapons to increase attack power and become stronger through continuous upgrades.

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