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Castle Clash(Taiwan) - Castle Clash Taiwan Server Apk Download latest version

Castle Clash(Taiwan)

3.7.3 for Android

Download apk - 519.42M
Date:Jun 13, 2024
  • Castle Clash(Taiwan)
  • Castle Clash(Taiwan)
  • Castle Clash(Taiwan)
  • Castle Clash(Taiwan)

Castle Clash Taiwan Server is a highly playable strategy tower defense game. In the game, players will play the role of a castle lord. You need to defend your homeland and expand your territory through operations such as laying out cities, training troops, and recruiting heroes.

Game features

Diverse town upgrade planning routes to build your town into an unbreakable fortress!

Minimalist operation, gorgeous and powerful magic condensed at your fingertips, destroying all obstacles for you.

Hero costumes are enhanced to make your heroes both beautiful and powerful.

Recruit heroes with extraordinary abilities. After being tempered in battle, they will build immortal achievements for you.

Game Highlights

Form a team with friends and work together to challenge multiplayer dungeons.

We share the same hatred and the whole server cooperates to fight against the attack of General Annihilation.

Start the era of cute pets. With careful training, they will excel on the battlefield.

Challenge the master copy and win epic heroes.

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