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Yandex Maps

19.0.0 latest version

Download apk - 211.2M
Date:Jun 11, 2024
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Yandex Maps is a map software commonly used by local users in Russia. It has built-in powerful map navigation functions, allowing you to know information about city parking, shopping malls, train stations and other places at any time, which is very convenient!

Software features

Search places and businesses

Easily search the business directory using filters and get detailed address results including entrances and driveways.

Find everything you need to know about a business: contact information, hours, service listings, photos, visitor reviews and ratings.

View indoor maps of shopping malls, train stations and airports.

No internet? Search using offline maps.

Software Highlights

Driving: Navigation that takes into account traffic conditions and camera warnings.

Walking: Voice prompts make it easy to enjoy walking without looking at the screen.

By public transport: Track your bus or tram in real time and see your estimated arrival time.

Cycling: Watch for highway intersections and exits.

Riding a scooter: We will advise you to use cycle lanes and walkways and help you avoid stairs where possible.

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