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15.167.18 for Android

Download apk - 105.02M
Date:Jun 11, 2024
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DoorDash is a software that focuses on foreign food delivery. Users can order food through the platform and enjoy convenient delivery services. There are also many gourmet restaurants waiting for you to choose from, which is very convenient and practical.

Software features

New restaurants and delivery subways are added every day to meet all the needs of users for ordering takeout.

The software will also describe the food to the user in the form of pictures and text. If you see something that matches your taste, you can place an order immediately and deliver it to you quickly, so you no longer have to worry about what to eat.

Rich and diverse menu selections: DoorDash has many partner restaurants, covering all types of cuisine. Users can choose their favorite dishes according to their tastes and needs.

Software function

1. Ordering function: Users can browse restaurants and dishes on DoorDash, add their favorite dishes to the shopping cart, and select the delivery address and payment method. After placing the order and paying, wait for it to be delivered to their door.

2. Tracking function: Users can track the status of their orders and understand the order's delivery status and estimated delivery time in real time.

3. Account management: Users can create and manage their own accounts on DoorDash, including personal information, delivery address, payment method, etc.

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